What skin treatments do you offer?

We offer a variety of skin treatments including more traditional facials, microneedling, dermaplaning, chemical peels and LED light therapy.

What products do you use?

Our therapists are fully trained and qualified with ‘Dermaplane Aesthetics’ and are ‘Platinum Technicians’. We use Dermaplane Aesthetics products for our treatments including their ‘Million Dollar’ product range and their ‘Medi+’ home skincare range. We also use DMK and Clinicare products in the salon which are a high technology cosmeceutical companies with products that give immediate and visible results.

I am pregnant, am I still able to have any skin treatments?

Yes we do offer facials that are suitable to have whilst pregnant and breastfeeding. Your therapist will advise you to what is and isn’t suitable.

Is dermaplaning or micro-needling painful?

Dermaplaning isn’t painful at all most clients find it a very relaxing treatment. Micro-needling can vary person to person, some clients find it relaxing and feel very little pain and some clients feel a small amount of discomfort. If you do feel uncomfortable at any time please do let you therapist know and she will be more than happy to move on to the next part of the treatment.

I don’t know my skin type or what treatment will be best for me, can you help?

Yes of course! If you would like a full consultation free of charge pop us an email with the title ‘skin consultation’ and we can advise you what treatments will be best suited for your skin.

Do you sell any products that I can use on my skin at home?

Yes we do, we stock the high end cosmeceutical Medi+ skincare range. Each product is backed with clinical evidence to support its active ingredients. For more information on this please take a look at our retail section on the website and if you would like a free skin consultation to find out what products will be best suited to your skin type then pop us an email with the title ‘skin consultation’ and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

How often should I have a skin treatment?

For micro-needling a course of 3 is recommended to achieve best results and these sessions MUST NOT be any less than 5 weeks apart. It is important for your skin to heal and cells to be renewed before we carry out the next session. Dermaplaning can be carried out every 4 weeks depending on your hair growth cycle. Any other facial can be carried out as often as you would like.

Will my hair grow back thicker and darker after having a dermaplaning treatment?

Absolutely not! The structure of your hair follicle is made up in a particular way and that is the only way that hair will grow. Removing that hair won’t change its structure so it will grow back exactly how it was before. If you do have darker hair around the sides of your face/top lip etc. that hair will still continue to grow back dark how it was previously. 

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