What brow treatments do you offer?

We offer a variety of brow treatments such as Henna Brows, Bebe brows, Brow lamination and also a simple Brow wax.

I’ve had a brow tint elsewhere do I still need to be patch tested at The Botanic Studios?

Yes, every salon uses different products and its essential that you have a patch test with our products at least 48 hours before your appointment.

How much do your treatments cost??

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How often do you recommend having brow treatments?

Depending on how quickly your brow hair grows we would recommend the ‘Bebe Brow’ treatment every 4 weeks. ‘Henna brows’ we recommend every 6 weeks as the henna lasts slightly longer than the tint and ‘Brow Lamination’ we would also recommend every 6 weeks but you may need a wax in between depending on how quickly your brows grow.

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